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Kingdom Hearts
Hearts of Destiny Chapter 1: Destiny Island

I have always wished...
for the dream to become reality
and for the reality to turn into a dream -----

Dawn colored clouds floated over a small tropical island in the middle of a wide ocean in the early morning. In the midst of fleeing darkness and morning light, a sparkling starshower fell into the ocean, this beautiful event was witnessed by three teenaged friends, Sora, Riku and Kairi...

Just then another girl came runing towards the friends, waving fanaticaly and smiling happily, her hair was as golden as the suns rays and her bangs were even spikier than Sora's, her eyes were beautifully sky blue and vibrant, the t-shirt she was wearing was red with black sleaves, her shorts were also red and black and had black crown prints on the sides, over the red t-shirt she wore a mini jacket that was as black as midnight. Around her neck the girl had a necklace with sakura pink drop shaped pendant on it

As the girl came close to the trio, they started to fade away, like as if they had never been there in the first place. The girls face started to show the worry and sadness over seeing them dissappear but did nothing to stop them, then she turned around slowly, as if in doubt that she was making the right descion, to face a purple haired girl in dark clothing, who didnt stand to far away from her.

The dark girl reached out her hand without much emotion, towards the blond girl who tried to take the other girls hand but before she were even able to touch the dark haired girls fingertips, she dissappeared in a swirling mass of darkness that was blown away like sand were blown by the wind, leaving nothing to prove the other girls existans.

The blond haired girl turned with a sad sigh towards the ocean and stared out towards the horison. Her right hand moved up to the pendant and started to play with it absent mindly, and as she did so it somehow changed into a cerice red heart with a golden crown on top of it. Then she let her hand slide back down to her side, taking a new breath she felt a new power fill her and a bright light appeared in her right hand and it slowly formed the weapon known as the keyblade.

As a gigantic serpent like monster appeared out of the ocean, the girl gripped the key harder, getting ready for a fight. The beast suddenly made a belly splash that created a huge tsunami, the girl could do nothing but get sweapt along with it and as she tumbled around in the darkening water she could see memory flashes of places she had never seen before and people she had never met before.

Then before it got too dark and she lost herself totally, a small light appeared and before she knew it she stood before a tall dark lady with odd head ornaments. She reached out her hands and five teens appeared in front of them, one of them was a dark haired girl with fierce brown eyes, dressed in blue, white and black cloths and wielded two knifelike blades, the next girls hair was midnight blue and her eyes was magically purple, she wore a black witch inspired dress. Next to the witch girl stood an girl with copper orange hair and turquoise green eyes and her clothes were diffrent hues of blue. The last girl had green eyes and her hair was brownish red while her bangs were light blond, around her head she had a red band, her turtle necked shirt was a yellowish beige and the pants were dark green and had blue bands with silver rings hanging from the waist. The only guy of the bunch was brown haired and his eyes were a more vivid green than any of the girls,  he had a brown beige jacket with a jolly roger skull on its front, his gloves were a tone darker than his jacket and his pants were dark blue and around his neck were a pair of googles.

Then as the woman disappeared, the white scenery disappeared as well and was replaced by a dark city in ruins where heartless roamed freely in the nights. A huge black beast towered above a sea of bloodthirsty heartless and nobodies and the teens instantly jumped into action, the girl with a red head band slashed at any heartless and nobodies that she could reach with her lightsaber, the brown haired guy used bombs and fireworks to strike at the monsters, the orange haired girl chanted a few words and healed the others as well as she could, the dark haired girl was like a hurricane as she slashed and killed the beasts. In the shadows three armored shadows was watching the spectacle but they werent the only ones who saw the battle, on the top of one of the buildings stood thirteen raincoat dressed humanlike nobodies; they were known as Organization XIII.

The witch girl started to chant and summoned a ball of glowing fire in her hands and when she judged it to be strong enought she cast it forward, it burned all heartless that got in the way and opened up a path to the biggest heartless of them all and the blond girl wasnt slow at taking the chanse, she ran to the heartless and started to climb up on it. As she reached the heatless´ head and shoulder she could see the organization just as their faces faded and revealed that they were other nobodies who shielded their faces with their raincoats hoods. Swiftly she thrusted the Keyblade into the heartless´ head and jumped off  it to avoid falling with it and landed on the rooftop where the the hooded persons were watching. Eight of the thirteen coated ones laughed at at the girl as if they thought her struggle to defeat the heartless were funny, angrily she swiped her keyblade at them but as she did they dissappeared like smoke from a fire that had just been put out.

The girl then noticed that the scenery had once again changed form a dark metropolis to a small twilight clad burg and in front of her stood the four teens that she had tried to reach on the tropical island, she ran up to them but as she tried to hug the teenagers, she fell right throught them and wasnt stopped by the ground, she just continued to fall for what seemed like an eternety through waterlike air. Eventually she landed like a cat (on her feet) on a stained glass platform that seemed to glow by itself in the darkness. White doves flew about, seemingly unbothered by the girls presence...the girl watched the birds fly upwards to some far of place for as long as she could before they totally disappeared out of sight and she instead heard fast footfalls comming towards her. She turned her attention to where the sound came from and soon she could see Sora come runing towards her with a worried expression on his face,suddenly, before anyone could react, someone appeared behind the girl and grabed her arms. She didn't even get enough time to turn around to see the person's face and even less time to struggle against him. The dark shadow put one of his leathery black hands over her mouth to stop her from screaming. He started to move backwards with her; thorn rose-like tendrils of purple glowing, darkness spreading around them, surrounding them... When the last tendril covered them...

Don't be afraid of the Darkness...

No matter what enemies you meet...

Remember that the mightiest weapon of all lies in the heart...




"Sakuya! SAKUYA! Wake up, darn it!" A purple haired girl shook awake the blond girl, who was flailing her arms and legs around as wildly as she could as if trying to fight off an invisible, non-existent enemy. Drowsily, she started to open her ocean blue eyes to find that the scenery was different from the dark dream; it was indeed much brighter and lush and the only shadow that didn't belong to a building was the shadow she laid beneath cast and her best friend sitting next to her, shaking her like mad.

"Eh? Where did he go? How did I get here? When did it get so bright?" Sakuya asked as she recognized the location as their school yard, and saw that a lot of students were leaving the school for the rest of the day. Summer vacation was about to begin. The other girl finally stopped shaking her a few seconds after Sakuya asked those questions.

"Sakuya, you were having a nightmare...or should I say daymare since it's not night?" The purple haired girl smiled and stood up and adjusted her black and purple clothes a little, so as to not get them wrinkled.

"Just...a dream? But Sayo, I could have sworn..." said Sakuya and lowered her head so she stared at her legs and the ground and leaned back against the tree. A cool breeze blew by, making the summer heat a little more bearable. Sakuya and Sayo's hair moved gently with it.

"Haven't your parents told you that you shouldn't swear?" Said a new voice and a new shadow fell on the ground next to the trees shadow.

Sakuya looked up to a face she knew all to well. "Ashe... You know very well that it wasn't like that I meant! What are you doing here anyway? I thought you were at home by now packing for your vacation with Garnet!" Sakuya glared up with a tint of rebellion in her eyes, at the girl called Ashe. Sure, she was one of the only girls in school that wasn't mean to Sakuya, but she could be slightly annoying, especially since her dad was pretty rich and she was a 'daddy's princess'.

"What a coincidence, I was just gonna ask you the same thing! I'm still here 'cause I'm waiting for my boyfriend!" Ashe smiled and pushed some of her hair to the back of her ear to get it out of her face.

"Oh, here we go again!" Sayo groaned and leaned her head towards her hand, feeling her energy run low very fast.

"Oh Ashe, please! Stop tryin' to show off! I don't care about boyfriends, ya know?" Sakuya seemed unusually relaxed and laid-back in her position against the shadow casting tree.

Ashe smirked, "Yeah, right! I bet you are still here 'cause you want to be able to check out the guys one last time before the summer vacation starts for real! Has it ever occurred to you that if you wore different clothes you might get some boy interested? I bet you'd look cute if you ever wore the school's uniform." Ashe's comment made Sakuya rather irritated. She really disliked it when people didn't want to realize the truth.

"There is nothing wrong with my clothes! I'm not the one who goes around wearing the same school uniform as everyone else!" Sakuya replied and stood up while brushing of some dirt from the hooded cerice red dress she wore that reached almost to her knees.

"Ooh, touchy," Ashe stepped back a little, "It really isn't that bad."

Then she picked up her bag and put it on her back, "And when most guys here are like Tidus and Wakka there is no way, no chance that I would be interested in being together with someone... I'm here 'cause I waited for Sayo to finish up and get her. Since she is here now, I can leave with her so we can celebrate this last day of school like we have always done!"

"Even though your brother, Sora, isn't here? Where'd he go anyway? I haven't seen him around for months!"

"Eh...He, Kairi and Riku is with a relative of ours who lives far from here...I have no idea of when they're comin' back..." Sakuya said, gulping hard before starting to walk towards the school's gate. " C'mon Sayo!" Sakuya called out after her friend who tagged along after her, leaving Ashe behind them, letting her wait for her boyfriend alone.

For a good while, the duo walked in silence; the only thing making any sound were their footfalls and Sakuya's keys which hung in a band around Sakuya's left wrist. Sayo decided to talk about something, "You are still telling people that Sora and his friends are with a relative?"

"Yeah...What else am I supposed to tell them? That he is the Keyblade master who is out there traveling to different worlds and kicking Heartless' butts so we can feel safe and not worry about our world getting destroyed? No, you know just as well as I do that it could cause a lot of trouble..." Sakuya told Sayo with a sad tone.

"Wow, you sound really levelheaded for once! But I bet it's just 'cause Sora told you and me the consequences of telling others about all of this. Otherwise you'd probably be blabbering all about it!" Sayo widely grinned.

"You know what? I wouldn't bet against that! Hahaha! We were actually pretty lucky that he told us about what happened while he was gone during his adventures! Not even mom and dad got to know what he's doing! You can't imagine how hard it is to lie about him to them..."

"You are right, I can't imagine how hard it must be especially since you wanted to go with him, nor do I understand where you get the courage to go to school in that dress!" said Sayo with a big smile.

"Oh c'mon Sayo! You know me, I detest school uniforms like those in our school, they are boring and ugly and they doesn't exactly encourage creativity or originality!" Sakuya chuckled.

"Well it's good that no one tries to get you into one, otherwise you'd go ballistic all the time!"

"Yea..." Sakuya's reply was cut short when she suddenly stopped walking when she saw something move among the houses on their left side; it was dark and shadowy figure, about as tall as a grown man and quite slender. It seemed to observe the girls and when it saw that Sakuya had spotted it, it started to move backwards in an unearthly manner...It floated backwards as if it was a ghost or something similar to that.

"Sakuya?" Sayo asked when she stopped and noticed that Sakuya stood and stared at something. "Sakuya?..."

"...It looks like..." The blond girl said, not listening on Sayo she toke off. Sakuya had only one single thing in mind when she ran after the dark shadow, to find out whom or what it was...She had an indescribable feeling of that she had seen something like this before.

She ran as fast as her legs could carry her towards the tantalizing dark figure with Sayo following her, all of a sudden she felt one of her feet slip on something and down she tumbled on the ground and when she looked up again the dark shadow had disappeared. When Sayo reached Sakuya she helped the blond girl up again.

"Are you okay, Sakuya?"

"Yeah, but that figure got away..." Sakuya replied and ignored the pain that remained after the fall.

"Figure? But there was no figure here...I didn't see any at least..." Sayo looked puzzled at her friend.

"You...didn't see it? But... how is that possible?" Sakuya asked but Sayo couldn't give any answer to her,  she merely shrugged her shoulders.

"Dunno, maybe you are just hallucinating due to lack of food? How long ago was it since you ate last time?" Sayo asked and Sakuya started to pout her lips; it was just so like Sayo to make the problem so trivial. "Any let's get goin'! We still got a summer vacation to celebrate!"

Sakuya was more or less reluctant to let the topic about the shadow go, but did so anyway. She got something else to think about. Together they walked back to the main road to a hill and from it they had a great view. If they looked towards the place they had just come from they could see their sleepy little town with its bucolic houses, its lush tropical flora and the mighty mountains on the other side of the village... And in the other direction they could see the wide, glittering ocean meet the never-ending sapphire blue sky, and Destiny Islands, the island where kids roams freely without parents or cares. The two of them stood there just watching their childhood home for quite a long time, feeling the breezes sweep in from the ocean.

"The nightmare you were dreaming when I woke you up...was it the same dream again?" Sayo asked the blonde.

"I think's kind of blurry but I think there was something new in it...but the part where someone comes from behind me and tries to drag me along and where I get swallowed by darkness remained the same..."

"You haven't had it in quite some time, have you?" Sayo asked and Sakuya nodded as an answer. "Do you think it might have anything to do with the fact that you were once kidnapped?"

"I don't know...I can't even remember getting kidnapped, so I don't see any point in pondering about it..." Sakuya ended that discussion pretty easily.

"I wonder what's out there..." Sayo thought out loud and Sakuya looked at her questioning.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I wonder what's out there...Far away from this world..."

"But we already know what's out there... Sora told us..."

"Yeah, he told us about those worlds he visited but there gotta be lots of other worlds and places that he has never seen, right?"

"Hmmm, probably..."

"Exactly, but if we are stuck here, we'll maybe never know... I wanna go and see those places...Don't you?"

"Eh! Of course I want to! I have..."

"...Have always wanted to go! Yeah, I have heard it a million times already! Hahira!"

" Hey! If you already know the answer why did yaw ask the question?" Sakuya asked Sayo but when she didn't get any answer she looked out over the ocean again.

"Hey, Sakuya..."

"Hmmm?" They turned their heads so they saw on each other again.

" Let's run away! Just us two!" Sayo suggested unusually energetically. Sakuya was taken aback by this, not just by Sayo's sudden suggestion but also because it felt like she had heard those words once, somewhere, long ago. "We can take Kairi, Sora and Riku's old raft and sail wherever we want to!..Um are you ok, Sakuya?"

"I just, never mind it's nothing...But what has flown into you? I doubt this sudden suggestion was spontaneous!"

"You are right...I just don't want to be forced by my mom and dad to go to some far away school...I wanna stay together with you..."

"Same here..." Sakuya didn't like where this conversation vere leading so she knew she had to do something to cheer them up. "I'll race ya! First stop is our homes to get some other clothes and finish line is at Destiny Islands!"

"Ok! You are so on, slowpoke!" Sayo agreed with a smile thinking that it will be an easy win.

"I'll show you who's the slowpoke here!" Sakuya replied back to her rival and without any 'go' signal they both sprinted away down the hill towards their houses.

Sakuya burst through her homes door, ran right through the hall and right into the kitchen where her mother were standing and preparing dinner but Sakuya hardly even noticed her there. "Hiya Sakuya, I'm guessing by your hasting that you are going to the island with Sayo for your annual summer celebration?" The mother asked as she wiped her hands on a white clean towel and Sakuya only answered with a muffled 'yes' while she opened the refrigerators door and grabbed a small bag that contained sweet pastries. Before her mom was able to even say goodbye, Sakuya nearly flew out of the kitchen and down the hall towards her room that was next to her brother Sora's room.

Sakuya's room was pretty large but with all the stuff that was in there it looked much smaller than it really was. Everywhere laid clothes and paper spread out as if there had been a hurricane in there, there were also a lot of other stuff that were just lying around like old toys and dolls. The window had a magnificent view over the ocean and Destiny Islands. Next to it hung a small bird cage with a small doll in it, it had blue eyes, blond hair and red and black clothes; as a matter of fact, it looked was a mini version of Sakuya herself. She had made other dolls like it that she had given to Sayo, Kairi, Riku and Sora, but somehow had Kairi's doll wound up in Sora's bed room, in an old boat model he had. Under the great window was her bed with silk sheets placed. She placed the pastry bag on the already full desk and started to change into some clothes that she felt more comfortable in.

When she had finished, she reached out for the bag to take it again but stopped when she saw an old photograph next to it. On it younger versions of herself and her brown haired brother smiled brightly and tried to do 'bunny ears' on each other. It had been taken when she were about twelve years old, back then there wasn't any battles, no Keyblades, no Heartless or Nobodies and no worries. The only time that had been filled with real trouble and worries for her was the time after her kidnapping which happened some time after Kairi came to the islands, but Sakuya couldn't remember anything about the kidnapping at all. There were no clues about who had kidnapped her so no one had been punished for it. After that incident Sora was always kind to her, even if they argued, because he kinda blamed himself for not being able to stop her disappearance and didn't want her to vanish again. He had also given her a necklace with a pendant in the shape of a pink drop and she was always wearing it around her neck to show how much she treasured it.

The only other time that she didn't remember anything from was when the islands had been attacked by the dreadful Heartless the first time. And when she 'awakened' again Kairi told her about what had happened to her, Sora, Riku and the islands. Other people who had come back had also told her about other worlds that they had visited after the islands were destroyed and she wondered why she hadn't been taken to another world. Sometimes she thought that she might have been taken by one of those Heartless, but it just didn't fit in...

~I long was it since you said good bye to me Sora? Six months? A year? I have totally lost track of the time...It all started with that message from the king and then you, Riku and Kairi were spirited away by that dog Goofy and duck Donald... You should be back home by now... I wonder where you are...~ Sakuya thought to herself and then remembered that she didn't have time for that. She quickly took the back and opened the window, "Oh yikes! If I don't hurry, Sayo will win!" and jumped out through it with as much speed as she could get.


Sakuya's boat lay side by side to Sayo's boat as the two rowed as fast as they could, no one of them wanted to give up and see the other win. Being so busy with rowing, Sakuya didn't notice the odd wave that came towards her. Even though it was small, it had enormous strength and pushed the boat so much that Sakuya fell out of it and the boat was turned upside down. The loud splash that alerted Sayo that Sakuya had fallen into the water, she rowed back to the place Sakuya and her boat floated and held out her hand to help Sakuya up in her boat.

"What happened?" Sayo asked while Sakuya crawled into the bloat.

"I felt like something hit the boat and suddenly I found myself in the water..." The blond girl answered and leaned towards the water to pick up the oars that floated calmly on the oceans surface. "I have never experienced anything quite like it...It was very odd...but kinda refreshing! At least is the sun drying my clothes already!"

"You are nuts, ya know that?" Sayo said and flashed a smile and then continued with trying to get Sakuya's boat with them to the island that wasn't too far away.

It was quite troublesome and draining for them to take the second boat to the island, but somehow they made it. After they finally arrived and turned the boat so it had the right side up, they lay down in the sand for a little while to dry up and rest from the race. The sun's bright warm rays and the oceans cooling breezes felt wonderful to them.

"Too bad we didn't get any real winner to the race!" Sakuya said while having her eyes closed.

"Too bad your pastries got ruined!" Sayo laughed back.

The blonde opened her blue eyes and sat up, "Who said that they got ruined?" and took the wet paper bag, opened it and took out a plastic box. She removed the lid from it and showed Sayo the inside of it.

"Hey, you aren't as dumb as you look!"

"Hey!" Sakuya yelled back at the dark dressed teen, feeling slightly insulted.

"Just kidding!" the purple haired girl laughed. "C'mon let's go to the Secret Place!" She stood up and started to walk towards an opening that was hidden by some plants. Sakuya quickly followed her friend into the small opening and down a corridor until they came to a place that could maybe be described as a room.

The room were domed and on its stone walls there were lots of drawings of creatures of all kinds, shapes and sizes; the ones who had made those drawings were Sora and Kairi. Sakuya knew this all too well since she had sometimes seen they go in here and after they had come out from there, there were new drawings there... Now there was hardly any space left there. On the side opposed to the corridor there were a piece of wood that unmistakably looked like a door but there were no handle nor keyhole, it sure had confused them in the past but nowadays they hardly even cared about it. In the ceiling's middle, there was a hole and through it came rays from the sun and winds which created a whistling sound as it blew through the corridor. And everywhere were roots coming out from the walls, which reminded them that there was a smaller jungle above them.

"I wonder if Tidus and Wakka ever got around to exploring this cave like they said they would..." Sayo said as she sat down in the sand and took out her own pastries.

"I dunno...but even if they have explored this place, there isn't much to do or see here..." Sakuya joined Sayo in the sand and started eating on a piece of the pastries.

After that, the two had finished munching down their sweets they decided to have another race at the other side of the island. Sakuya stayed to clean up their mess, and Sayo would prepare the track they would race at. Sakuya watched her friend leave and then turned her attention to the cave's walls, eventually she stopped at the picture of Kairi and Sora giving each other a star...or was it a paopu fruit? It looked so incredibly alike it was hard to tell them apart. There were still some place left there...Enough for something more to be drawn there, Sakuya thought for a second and then picked up a hard rock and started to draw something on the wall.

~ In case you don't come back to me...~ She thought to herself and soon one could see the faces of Riku, Sayo and herself. It was hard to draw well on the caves stones but as Destiny Islands best teen artist she managed to pull it off pretty well.

The faces were drawn around Sora and Kairi's faces, in a new moon shape... Between Riku's and Sakuya's faces there were a blank space, Sakuya didn't know why she didn't draw on it but it felt like it was for something special...For someone she had yet to meet...It was indeed a weird feeling for her. When she finished the drawing she hastened to clean up all the things they had brought with them and walked out of the cave and towards the Tree House where she dumped all their stuff. Most of the kids did it to stuff they didn't need at the moment and didn't want to carry around...Well, either they dumped the stuff there in the Tree House or in the Seaside Shack, it depended on what which was closest and which was more preferred.

Then as she reached the ground, again she saw a strange boy around her age sitting on the root from the tree in which the Tree House was built. He had his blond hair were cut so it reached to his chin, but the front bangs were shorter than the rest and in the back he had a long pony tail and wore a strange raincoat (very odd since it wasn't rainy and Destiny Islands didn't have a very rainy climate) which in fact kinda looked like the shadowy figure Sakuya had seen earlier. He was definitely not a resident at Destiny Island, Sakuya knew that for sure because the islands weren't very big and everyone knew everyone. She was pretty sure that she had never seen anyone had that kind of haircut or looks before. He suddenly looked at her with his blue, almost turquoise, eyes as if he had know that she had been staring at her for a while. He smiled towards her and moved his lips as if to say something, she couldn't hear what he said with her ears but somehow she could hear what he said in her heart. "Don't worry...I'll protect you...if he strikes again."
Sakuya stared at him with a mixture of surprise and confusion, but the spell soon broke when Sakuya heard her name being called and she looked up to see Sayo come running towards her.

"Sakuya! Geez! How long are you planning on being here? We have a race to run!" Sayo barked at her friend.

"Sorry Sayo..." Sakuya's eyes wandered towards the root and the stranger and to her surprise he was gone, as if he never was there in the first place.

"...Hey, Sakuya, are you okay? You look like ya just saw a ghost or something!"

"I...Eh, it's nothing..." Sakuya looked at Sayo with a smile and shook her head. "Let's get started with that race!" she said and they began wandering towards the other side of the small island. And for the rest of the day they raced, they sparred, and did whatever they could come up with that was fun to do and nothing weird happened during that time, at least of what Sakuya could see.


As the evening came and the sun started to set and all day living creatures started to calm down, the two girls made their way to the small island that were next to the bigger island, connected by a wooden bridge. There at that small island was a Paopu tree grew along the ground and a bit over the water, together with a few other palm-like trees. It was usually Sora, Kairi and Riku's place where they watched the sunset but sometimes when they weren't there, Sakuya and Sayo used it and other times they watched the twilight with Sora and his friends...It was different from time to time, but lately they had watched the sun set down beyond the horizon and the sky change colors every evening since Sora and his friends were gone.

Sakuya jumped up on the Paopu tree's trunk with almost no trouble at all and made her seat as comfortable as possible while Sayo just wanted to stand next to her on the ground, leaning slightly on the tree. The blond girl asked the purple haired girl if she didn't want to sit with her on the Paopu tree but Sayo said no and Sakuya accepted it and let the topic go. Staring out over the twilight colored ocean and sky was one of the best things Sakuya knew; the gold that turned into purple and the sparkling reflections of the sun were magnificent to say the least. Even though the main island laid in about the same direction as they were watching the sunset they couldn't see it for some reason, it was one of the odd but wonderful things about their home island; one couldn't really see it until one had put some distance between oneself and Destiny Islands.

"It's kinda boring here nowadays don't you think?" Sayo asked Sakuya but she didn't let her eyes wander from the horizon.

"Yeah...I can't believe how much more fun it was with Sora and his friends!" Sakuya answered and remembered all the weird but fun stuff Sora had come up with.

"One day we will be grown up and never see this place again..." Sakuya cringed at Sayo's words, for their adulthood were something she didn't really like thinking about.

"Sayo, don't say things like that! We won't become like the other adults! We'll come back here lots of times and have fun!" Sakuya protested against her friend.

"Hmmm, I wonder..." Sayo muttered and then it became rather quiet.

Unable to take the silence for much longer, Sakuya decided on something she had been unsure about something earlier. "Sayo, let's take Sora's raft!"

"Wha? You…"

"Yeah, I decided! I was unsure about it before but hey, it will be fun! Sora, Riku and Kairi won't miss it! It might not take us very far but why not give it a try now when we are on a summer break eh? Besides...We can always come back here if we want to!"

Sayo started to laugh. "Okay, we will go!"

"But Sayo..."


"Let's promise...that even if we get separated...even if we forget about each other one day...that we will still be best friends?"

Sayo looked up towards the blond teen with a gentle smile, "Doofus! We don't need to promise something like that! I'll always, no matter what, be your best friend!"



"Best friends and rivals forever!" Sakuya said smiling with a tear in her eyes."

"Yeah! Hey how about we use a Paopu fruit to reinforce the promise?"


"Yeah haven't you heard the legend about the Paopu fruit? It's said that if you share it with someone, it will intertwine their destinies forever!" Sayo told her friend while climbing up on the Paopu tree's trunk and made her way to its leaves. She picked one of its star shaped fruits and gave it to Sakuya.

"Of course I know about that legend! I have read about legends and myths since I learned to read! I just don't believe in destiny!"

"Well, it doesn't hurt to try it right?" Sayo jumped of the trunk and went back to the place which she had stood at earlier.

"I guess..." Sakuya admitted, she didn't really think the legend was true, but if it would help their friendship, it was certainly worth a try. She split the yellow fruit in two and gave one piece to Sayo and then took a bite of it. "Mmm! It's really sweet!"

"I bet!" Sayo grinned and took a bite of her piece and almost choked on it. "Oh dude! I have never tasted such a sweet Paopu! It's too sweet for me! A too good of a haul this year I guess!"  

They sat there, just watching the sun disappear down into the horizon of the golden sea and the golden orange colors turned into dark blues and purples and listening to the waves crash against the islands beach while the wind played with their hair. But all of a sudden Sayo dropped her Paopu fruit, Sakuya who noticed this worriedly asked what was wrong but Sayo didn't answer the question.

"They are calling..." Sayo said and looked like as if she were in some strange kind of trance.

The tranquil beautiful summer evening turned into a storm, the gentle summer breezes turned into hard winds, the waves became violent, the clouds hovered and became sinisterly dark and it looked like they were going to rain any second. The changes were so sudden and unexpected that it had to be an unnatural storm, the Sakuya knew this but the reason for it was unknown to her. Suddenly a strong wind with enormous strength blew against Sakuya, "Ah! Where did this freak storm come from?!" she tried to protect herself from it but it made her lose her balance and fell of the tree trunk. She landed upside down on her back with a big thud. As she came back to her senses and opened her eyes she could see big hoards of the black creatures known as Heartless materialize from the ground.

Reacting instinctively, she got up as quickly as she could and turned to Sayo who walked to the other side of the small island, completely unaware of Sakuya's cries. "Sayo! Sayo! What are you doing? This place is crawling with Heartless! We have to go and seek cover! Sayo?!"

Then, without any warning a black wing sprouted from the teenage girl's back, Sakuya nearly jumped of shock as it formed and grew bigger and longer than Sayo's own length.

"They are calling us..."

"Sayo? What's going on? What's with the wing? C'mon Sayo! We gotta go!" Sakuya started to fear what was going on...A freak storm, Heartless and Sayo in a trance were not good signs.

"Sakuya, don't fear the darkness....let's go to the outside world!" Sayo turned around to face Sakuya, but her voice didn't sound as if she was conscious about what she was doing...Sakuya didn't understand how but she understood that somehow, Sayo's mind was somewhere else at the same time as it was here, like how one can be half asleep sometimes, a little awake but still in the dream world...Sakuya had experienced that before but it was not like this!

Then to worsen everything, a white glowing wing start to grow from Sakuya's own back, it didn't hurt but it sure felt weird. "What? What the heck is happening?!" She shouted out and then turned her attention back to Sayo.

"Sakuya, come with me!" Sayo reached out her hand, white and black feathers where scattered everywhere. Underneath Sayo darkness started to flare up and Sayo herself started glowing in a purplish black energy while light shoot up under Sakuya and she started to glow in a golden and cerise energy, it surprised her even more to say the least. Sakuya didn't understand what was happening to them, but she didn't care anymore, she just wanted to reach Sayo's hand and wake her from the trans, but suddenly something weird happened...The darkness and light that had appeared underneath them grew at a great speed, clinging to the two teens, trying to stop them from reaching each other, the more the two entities grew the more they swallowed Sakuya and Sayo. Their hands were so close, but still to far away and just when they were about to touch each other they were totally covered in the two elements.

As Sakuya was in the light she could hardly see anything, it was too bright to her. Unknown at first to her, the shadows she and her own clothes created started to grow and devour her to, and she didn't notice it until it was too late. In the darkness she couldn't see anything either, the wing of light wasn't of any help either. It felt like she started to fall, and it also felt like there was so much pressure, taking out all her breath. ~The darkness...Its everywhere! I...I can't breath!~

Then she could spot a small light as if it was far away, but it grew and seemed to come closer all the time.

~A light?~

Do not fear...The mightiest weapon is within your heart! And remember, Light is always easy to find!

The voice seemed familiar to Sakuya but she didn't know where she had heard it before, maybe it was in a dream...Sakuya reached out towards the light there were like an explosion of light that tore apart the darkness, the strong light had blinded Sakuya for a few moments but when she could see again, she discovered that the light had taken a tangible form. It turned out to be so that she was holding was her brother Sora's Keyblade. ~A keyblade? IT'S SORA'S KEYBLADE!~ The next thing she discovered was that she were back at her islands, they were in a terrible condition, things were falling apart and being sucked up by a gigantic vortex like hole high up in the sky and there were heartless everywhere.

"Let's end your life here and now, Keyblade Master!" A voice full of hate called out from nowhere.

"What!? Keyblade Master?" Sakuya cried out totally puzzled and scanned the area wondering where the speaker was.

"I'll make your death quick and painless!" The voice said again and suddenly a portal of darkness opened in front of Sakuya and a dark clad figure appeared out of it, with an amazing nonhuman speed the figure came at her, and in fright she ducked into a defending pose and closed her eyes; not that it would do much good against the stranger with a sharp weapon. There were a 'clang' sound but nothing happened to her after that and when she dared to open her eyes again, another stranger were blocking the attacking stranger's weapon.

"You just had to meddle, didn't you?" the hostile stranger asked the newcomer.

"Of course! I gave her my word to protect her!" The new stranger growled angrily.

"Well, it makes this all much more interesting!" The violent figure said and smiled an insane smile under his hood.

Suddenly, Sakuya feel the gravitation become much lighter, she tried to hold onto a tree, but she had a bad grip and it didn't take long at all for her to lose it totally and were sucked up by the dark hole in the sky. The last thing she were able to hear and see were the 'cling' and 'clang' sounds from the strangers' weapons and flashes of their fight and for some reason they seemed to be totally unaffected by what was going on with the gravity and the breaking islands. As soon as she and the islands pieces entered the vortex she lost consciousness and when she woke up again she found herself in a brilliant white room which she didn't recognize at all, and in front of her she could see a woman with elegantly royal looks, dressed in a black satin dress.

"Who... who are you? Where...where am I?" Sakuya said somewhat drowsily after waking up enough for it.

"I'm the sorceress known as Edea and this is my home world." The woman smiled, but there were no real joy to it...

*to be continued.....*
This is a rewritten version of Kingdom Hearts; Hearts of Destiny!(my KH fanfic)
I descided to rewright it and the rest of the HOD fic because I have gotten a little better at wrighting and I thought it would be more interesting to change a few things... but dont worry, even thought its rewritten and some things are changed, it will still be the same plot and same characters...I dunno when the rest of the chapters are going to be rewritten and be put up but it will be done, sooner or later...^_^ I hope you enjoy this!
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